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The Sharp Turtles is founded by and maintained by Abhishek Walter. The Sharp Turtles want to share the SAP technical knowledge with the world free of cost.You can help by submitting your articles via Write a Post.

Happy Blogging! Happy Sharing knowledge!

Abhishek Walter  

Abhishek Walter is the founder of The Sharp Turtles, An Education blog and Educational YouTube channel that provide free of cost Cryptography and SAP technical lessons.

He is  SAP Technical consultant currently working in Cognizant Technologies Pvt Ltd. He has expertise in the areas of SAP ABAP, forms, Workflow, and Web Dynpro ABAP. He is also the co-author of .

Read here: Articles by Abhishek Walter

His Travel Stories: Walter @Instagram

Find more about him on LinkedIn: Abhishek Walter                                    Email:

Jyoti Patel 

She is a SAP Technical Consultant currently working for Al Turki Enterprises LLC, Oman.Her main interest areas are OOP ABAP, forms (Adobe, smart forms), BAPI, Module pool, ALV. She likes to discover Different programming Techniques. She is I fascinated by the world of API’s. Other than technical she also likes to experiment with functional areas in SD, MM.

She is fond of long drives and music also. 🙂

Find out more  on her Linkedin Profile: Jyoti Patel


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