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I have seen many times SAP consultants get confused while finding the work item/workflow number to solve some issues.

Most probably the work item if it is not deleted then it will be present in some user inbox.

So let me teach you some of the easy steps to find the work item from user inbox.

  1. Using SWI5 transaction
  2. Using SAP business workflow user inbox.

First way: Using SWI5 transaction

Step 1: Go to transaction SWI5


Step 2: Enter the user ID and select work item to be completed and Execute.


 Step 3: Once you Execute the transaction, SAP will list all the work item currently present in user inbox that is not completed.

Here you can find out the work item number based on the description of the work item, task, based upon the task,You can also identify it based upon the date of the work item.


So, this was the first way to identify the work item number using the SWIA transaction now let’s go for the second approach.


Second way: Using SAP business workflow user inbox.

Steps 1: Opening the SAP business workflow user inbox.

See this highlighted button, This is one is called SAP business workflow inbox.Just like a simple mail box where you can see all your emails  SAP has provided us a inbox where all the workflow that belongs to user will be present here .

You can check your workflow any time from your inbox and take action on based upon your role.


Step 2: Opening the workflow inbox folder.

Once you have open the your workflow inbox now its time to open the workflow folder where your all the work item will be present.

See there are may folders just like your normal mail inbox.

Click on the inbox.


once you click the inbox, you can see a workflow folder, double click on that. Once you double click on that it will show all your work items present in your sap inbox.


Suppose you want to find out the work item number of this highlighted work item.Select the workflow and click on the magnification glass symbol.


Once you click the magnification button it will open all the details for the selected work item.

See by your self.


Here you can find the work item number and Etc.


Published by Abhishek Walter