Hey There,

I have seen so many times in my career that SAP Consultant regularly facing challenges to finding the smart form/Sap script name.

They Go the transaction and find the Forms name from the output type. If you don’t know the output type and not pretty much familiar with the NACE transaction it takes some time for the person to find out the smart form name.

Even I have seen in some cases like PP(Production Planning ) and CRM they don’t much use the NACE transaction, Then it’s become a hectic job to find out the form name.

People are not aware of one simple functionality provided by SAP to find out the smart form name Easily and in this post, I am going to teach you the same.

Have you ever heard of OTF Display?

OTF display is the easiest way to find out the from the name.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the print preview of the smart form/SAP Script from the spool.




Step 2: Go to Extras and then choose OTF Display.


Step 3: Once the OTF display comes, You can see some machine codes generated by SAP system and it will also display the form name.




See guys how easy it was to find out the form name 🙂

Published by Abhishek Walter