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Let’s learn how to find out whether a workflow/work item is logically deleted or not.There are so many ways to find out whether the workflow is logically deleted or not?

Steps: Go to transaction SWIA and the work item number and Execute the transaction


Here you can see the work item details, Please focus on the status of the work item.


As you can see the status of the work item is showing as “CANCELLED ” meaning the work item is logically deleted.

Note: Here one thing to notice that logically deletion does not mean that the work item is deleted logically deletion means that work item got removed from the user inbox and it got archived.

if you want more details just double click on the work item, it will open the workflow log.



Here you can see the status of the workflow is showing as “Logically Delete” and it is also not present in any of the agent inbox.

Note: here you can see that how the rectangle just got blurred after workflow was logically deleted.

before : 


After :



if you want further confirmation click on the technical settings and Expand.


And if you click on the step history tab, it will show who, when deleted the workflow.




Another place to see whether the workflow is deleted or not.

Workflow log:


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