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Let’s learn about how to restart a Purchase order workflow.

Generally, It is a common step for restarting any workflows in SAP but in this post, I just wanted to concentrate upon restarting the Purchase Order workflow.

For a  SAP MM Functional /Technical Consultant it is very often that he will come across the request//support ticket from the user /PO creator to restart the Purchase Order workflow.

Why there is need to restart the Purchase order workflow?

There can be many reasons for that it can be…..

  1. Maybe Purchase order workflow was routed to the wrong approver for different data issues.
  2. Purchase order workflow went to error state because of again some data issue.
  3. The Purchase order was first rejected by the approver now again the PO creator has modified something in the PO and again he wants the PO to be re-review.
  4. Etc.


Steps To Be Perform:

1. Go to transaction ME23N and open the Purchase order number.


2.Now Go to Workflow->Workflow Overview to open the workflow related to the purchasing document.



3. This screen will pop up once you open the workflow overview.


Now here there are some things that you have to notice and that is.

a)The no of lines(Workflow for the release of purchase order) will show you how many times the workflow was started, by default when the PO was created the first line for the workflow was generated. After the first line, the 2nd line was created if someone has restarted the workflow for that PO and so on…

For Example: Here in this screenshot you can see there are two lines are present that means the workflow was restarted after the default first one.(Green Arrows)

b)The second thing that you should notice is the creation date and creation timing, The date and timing that is latest will be treated as the latest and current workflow.

For example, in the snapshot, the latest workflow is Dated 05/26/2017,07:13:25

c)The third thing is the status of the previous workflows, Here in this snapshot, the previous workflows are in Completed status that means previously the workflow was completed for this workflow now again due to some reason the workflow for this PO needs to be restarted.

4. Now select any of the workflow lines and click the log button.



5.After Clicking the log button the main workflow analysis page will be open.Click on the technical setting button and copy the workflow template number for the parent work item.

6.Now go to the transaction SWUS.

Please note that Transaction SWUS is the universal transaction for the restarting of workflows.


7.Enter workflow template Number and click enter

My workflow template number is WSXXXXXX. Generally, the workflow template number starts with ‘WS ‘ and then numerical numbers 

For Example WS12345646


8.Click once on the Purchase Order Business object entry.A section opens up at the bottom to enter the key for the Purchase Order business object.


9.Click once on the input field for the key and then click on the entry help button.

Please note: we should always choose F4 to enter the PO number.


10.Enter the Purchase Order number in the popup screen and click on the Continue (green check mark) button.


11.You can now see the Purchase Order number in the Key field for the Purchase order business object.


12.Click once on the Release code container object


13.A section opens up at the bottom for entering the release level to which you want to send the workflow.


14.In the field, enter the release level in the Release Code field and hit enter. The Release code level value is set in the container.


15.Click on the Execute button to restart the workflow. 


16. Open the Purchase order document, go to workflow overview log and make sure the work item went to the current level approver inbox.

Published by Abhishek Walter